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Scheuten Glass

Dedicated transport

With dedicated transport, we reserve one or more vehicles entirely for your needs. We conduct the whole logistics process exclusively for you. This means that only your goods are transported, and the cargo space is not shared with other shipments. This makes it possible to use your own corporate identity in every part of the transport.

We perform this expanded form of service for a number of clients.

Scheuten Glass

Some transports are so specialised, that we carry them out as a dedicated service. Scheuten Glass is a good example. Scheuten is one of the most important players in the plate glass market. The requirement: an efficient system that displays the delivery times, gives insight into the packaging stream, and detects breakage on delivery.

Thanks to an intensive partnership between Scheuten Glass and P. Daemen BV, we’ve created an innovative system that meets all their needs. Advanced on-board computers report breakage on delivery directly to Scheuten Glass. The time saved results in incredibly fast redelivery. The system also accounts for the missing racks. The packaging stream is clearly displayed, which makes it easy to manage. It’s a win-win situation!

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