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Read below what other services P.Daemen has to offer.

Dedicated Transport

Transport only and exclusively for you. Completely tailor made to your wishes and your requirements, in a nutshell: dedicated transport. This is the most far-reaching form of service. P.Daemen will implement the entire logistical process exclusively for you, from A to Z. And all of this in line with your company policy.

Scheuten Glasgroep

Scheuten Glasgroep is one of the most important players in the market for flat glass. The requirement: an efficient system that gives a clear picture of delivery times as well as insight in the flow of packages and records the number of breakages on delivery.

Thanks to an intensive collaboration between Scheuten Glasgroep and P.Daemen an innovative system was created that fulfilled all the set demands. Using advanced on-board computers, breakages on delivery are directly reported to Scheuten Glasgroep. This time saving results in a very rapid repeat delivery. In addition, the system squares up the missing howlers. The stream of packages has been clearly brought into view and as a result is very easily manageable.

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International Strength

Thanks to the excellent location of P Daemen the activities expanded over time. P. Daemen offers logistic services in the following countries Benlux, Germany, Austria, Northern Italy and Switzerland. It covers conditioned and unconditioned goods in all sorts and sizes.


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