Market Leader and specialised in transport services with temperatures from 1-4°C combined with possibilities for storage and distribution.

Packing Management

P. Daemen has the ability to take control of all physical and administrative packaging flows. We ensure timely delivery of packaging. We also take care of proper administration and mutual count of packaging balances. So you can get at direct insight in your physical and administrative packaging stock.

Additionally, P. Daemen can also take care of cleaning packaging. H1 pallets, E2 crates or boxes ECO can be cleaned by our partners.

Lean Logistics

P.Daemen offers state of the art IT systems and IT connections. Such as Electronic manifests (DESADV) and track-and-trace of your shipments. Order picking is done in an automated environment, where the loads in- and outgoing are labelled.

Our processes can be customised per customer to ensure the lowest possible costs and stability of your processes. This is quality in the broadest sense of the word.

Key Features

  • Quality
  • Market Knowledge
  • Proven track record
  • Extensive experience in food transport and storage.

P. Daemen distinguishes itself from competitors by constant high quality in transport and storage of your goods. P. Daemen continues where others stop. P. Daemen can provide customized, standard solutions and arrange all your shipments. Through our services as third party logistics or 3PL provider P. Daemen can take care of your logistics

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Nowadays P. Daemen BV has become a logistics service-provider that can fullfill the needs of complete transportation demands from customers. Quality is # 1. This is reflected in the condition of the equipment and storage areas but also in the service provided. Our long lasting long-term relationships with several customers prove this.


P. Daemen BV

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