Corporate Social Responsibility

P. Daemen has a social responsibility in many ways, see below.

What is CSR?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an integral vision of sustainable business practices. CSR Netherlands’ approach to CSR is based on the European Commission’s definition: corporate social responsibility refers to companies taking responsibility for their impact on society.

Companies that engage in socially responsible enterprise consider the social and economic impact of all their decisions, while taking account of the interests of their stakeholders (interested parties). These stakeholders can include employees and clients, or parties such as local residents, suppliers, investors and even society at large.

It is important for companies to engage in discussion with their stakeholders. This is how they learn about how their decisions affect others. It is also important for companies to be transparent about their activities and the social impact of those activities.


P. Daemen has a responsibility in many ways. In addition to invest in environmentally-friendly transport with EEV and Euro 6 vehicles P. Daemen invests also in in PIEK (low noise).

Local Charities

P. Daemen supports various (local) charities such as KVW Maasbree ( a foundation that ensures that children have a wonderful week) and the Kids and Family Care Foundation (a foundation which has the objective to contribute to challenged children and challenged families to find their balance.


Additionally, P. Daemen represented in the local community. We sponsor local sport clubs and societies. And of course P.Daemen endeavours to create a good social framework by maintaining short lines and personal contacts.


Since the move in 1991 P. Daemen BV has increasingly focused on food stuffs transportation. So this is how the groups ‘dry grocery’, ‘chilled’ and ‘frozen’ arose. In 1999 the third generation took over Daemen. From this moment on ,different specializations were developed. P. Daemen BV also began to focus more and more on providing a complete logistics package for customers.


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